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I would like to give the balanced view if I may.

I too can feel frustrated with those who talk about meds as the ONLY panacea, and are on large prescribed doses.

I was diagnosed late in life with both ADHD and autism. I managed my symptoms for 3 decades using exercise, meditation, and behavioural strategies (without realising I was treating myself). These have made me really resilient generally in life now and I’m grateful for that.

However I have really struggled, and have many missed opportunities in life I could tell you about.
And I do quietly wish my parents had got me diagnosed as a child, because I may not have experienced so much struggle, and feeling a failure…

I have now finally accepted a tiny dose of medication, I was very reluctant and anti meds. I told myself I was failing if I went on them! Well, I’m glad I did! The alternative strategies above (including no caffeine and a good diet) are much easier to consistently apply now and I feel calmer and much more focused in daily life. I am grateful for my tiny dose of meds despite my reluctance! I now believe the theory about brain differences in ADHD and autism.

Just to note, for those with autism too we can be highly sensitive to normal doses of any medication including ADHD meds. so I am on a less then paediatric dose of stimulant and it’s having a great effect!

Keep an open mind to all options I would say, it has helped me to keep my job and to feel I have an ok future ahead in mid life.