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Hi I can’t help you with meds for children. But just to say that ADHD and high functioning Autism sometimes go together. Dyspraxia and Dyslexia are common in autism. In ASD anxiety isn’t standard anxiety it’s more related to sensory overwhelm. Autism is a social communication disorder. I am an adult diagnosed late with both. Though it’s a relief to now understand I wish it had been picked up in childhood.

Having ASD means however that I can only take miniscule doses of ADHD medication, due to the underlying autistic spectrum condition which creates high sensitivity to a large amount of things including normal doses of medication!

I have used Behavioural methods, exercise and meditation as my treatments through life, and have made me really resilient now as an adult. A tiny dose of Elvanse meds just takes athe edge off.

It is sad that a 10 year old girl is on anxiety meds and other. Explore other options rather than just meds if you can which will help her in life to be resilient. And If anything I said about autistic spectrum condition rang a bell do some reading about it. Her anxiety may not be standard anxiety and may be due to high sensory (including social) sensitivity instead. There is a book called ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ which I found really helpful and let me to diagnosis.

Good luck!