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Don’t be my MOM! My mom still called me her little “dropout” until a few years ago at an awards banquet in which I was receiving an award for Volunteer of the Year. Somehow, she felt the same way you did all of these years, like I let her down because I dropped out in 9th grade. My wonderful husband told her that if she could not recognize me for what I have become rather than what “she” missed out on, then she could leave and not come back. Its sad, but her hangups have kept her from enjoying the person I truly am.

What she failed to mention was that although I dropped out in 9th grade, I started community college that same year. I moved out at 17 and never did she have to pay my rent or my college for that matter. I tried many things and failed at some, but found my success and graduated with honors with my Bachelors in Speech Pathology (Yep, I was the 1st of 4 children to complete 4 years). I continued my advanced education as well as earned my Special Education Teaching Certification. After college, I also skipped out on the traditional wedding thing too and we eloped one weekend while on the back of his motorcycle. Oh yeah, Im a rebel, all the way! I had a great career as a Speech Therapist and then once my first child got to school (actually 2nd grade) and I saw myself when they called me in to the “meeting” to talk about how he was struggling to pay attention, we decided I needed to homeschool him. We actually had made some very good decisions together and actually my spontaneity (real estate investing) and ability to think outside the box has allowed us to actually get to a point now of financial freedom. Yep, we are debt free with one earner income. I have now been married for over 20 years to that motorcycle guy and have two wonderful children, one in 10th grade and the other in 6th. I am still homeschooling. My son has goals of going into the PROM (yes, a homeschool prom!) this year, but attending a Military Academy. He is different than I in some ways- he is not a rebel WITHOUT a cause. I have taught both of my children from a very young age that we all learn differently and no matter what choices you make, I will always be your mom and love you unconditionally!

I’m now 47 and we are 5 years away from his RETIREMENT (from his real job)! I will always be a teacher of some kind, not for the money either. I love helping others who feel trapped inside this one-way of doing things world.

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