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I’m pretty sure I could write a book about my ADHD mishaps!

First off, I have 6 kiddos, 4 diagnosed with ADHD, 1 about to be tested. I have been studying and researching everything I could find about ADHD for 9 years, since my oldest was diagnosed. Grew up with ADHD Mom, Dad, Sister AND Brother!! Married ADHD husband!!
After many many years of knowing for sure I was crazy I went to the psychiatrist and I was “completely shocked” when I left with ADHD diagnosis!!
And suddenly it all makes sense! BUT HOW did I not think of it?? 😳🤪

My husband and I built a house about 4 miles from his parents house where he grew up, and several times a week I would call him to see what time he would be home from work, only to find out he was at his Moms. He would switch into autopilot during his drive home and not even realize he had driven to his old house again until his parents answered the door and asked why he was there. (He never told them it was an accident, told them he just stopped to say hi. It happened so often that His Mom got into the habit of keeping a snack, dessert, or meal ready for him incase he dropped by!)😂

I have a horrible habit of searching for my phone, turning around to go get it because I left it at home, getting audibly frustrated and being asked “what’s wrong” by the person I am talking to ON MY PHONE!