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I left my office for lunch break but got caught in a fears summer storm. The lighting, sheets of rain and hail were sensory over load. I pulled in a parking lot to wait it out and stop freaking out. The storm let up to just heavy rain and made it back to the office. Still raining hard, I braced myself and dashed inside. Cut to about 3 hours later, a coworker from a department I don’t work came to my desk. “Hey, I think your car is running. I grabbed something from my car and heard it running.” I checked the loop on my purse where my keys ALWAYS have to clipped if they are not in the ignition (y’all know why) and nope. I left my car running. Double the embarrassment- My car is always trashed (y’all know why) and my coworker saw the random piles of crap I need to sort for months.