Reply To: Lunch Accommodations Added to an IEP


Exactly HeartsandSoul. I’m on a migraine preventative medication myself that suppresses my appetite and I can attest, it kind-of sucks to have to force yourself to eat. We were so excited when he actually outgrew some clothes his year! I always get a little worried before going to the doctor because there’s a piece of me that worries that the doctor might think I’m not feeding him properly.

The milk/protein powder/ice shake is out. My son came home and reported that the shake just felt weird. I was hoping to get those extra calories/fat in with the milk. Oh well, we’re back to water/protein powder mix.

He does report that the school hasn’t said a word to him about his shakes. He said all of a sudden they don’t seem to care. YAY!! He’s not aware of the behind the scenes work I do – school has the note from the doctor. So end result – SUCCESS!!!!