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Excuse me, I don’t know where you’re coming from (but of course I know) but I disagree with your statement that ‘the scientifically proven first -line treatment for adhd is..medication.” Perhaps for the treatment of symptoms but it’s not a real cure. You call it scientific, am wondering why.

From my readings the first recommendation for treating adhd is proper nutrition. Adhd meds is last alternative.

Those lack of neural connections in the adhd brain in comparison to the neurotypical is precisely because the brain isn’t functioning the way it should, thus it is manifested physically in deficient neural connections. The brain grows according to how it’s used.

Chris Kresser, one of the most popular functional meds practitioner who often writes based on research, says that adhd has many causes and certainly one of them is microbiome depletion:

RHR: Resolving the Underlying Causes of ADHD and Autism

Of course, it looks like you’re working to promote adhd drugs.

I know not all adhders need probiotics but certainly that’s one option, depending on the cause and one’s own present health status.

The purpose of Medicine as a science is to heal sickness, I mean really heal. Drugs, even herbal meds are meant to be temporary. If there are many people on drugs for the rest of their lives because of certain health issues, then Medicine has failed its mission.

Luckily the tide is shifting with the advent of functional meds/holistic and other similar integrative medicine. And they treat adhd differently than conventional doctors, focusing instead on the root cause of the adhd, which is good.

Am not in anyway connected with any of those practitioners, am just concerned because when I read this forum, I see a lot of people are dependent on drugs to cure their adhd. For me, the solution is already there, we’ve just got to seek.