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Hello. Boy, can I relate to that. My son was on Adderall instant release as a sophomore in high school; his insurance would not cover the name brand by TEVA, but rather in the generic form, amphetamine-salts. For several months my son would experience severe headaches and vomiting about halfway through his day. More than once he vomited on the school bus. Poor thing was miserable. I got it filled at Walgreen’s one month and RiteAid the next. Finally, upon going to see the psychiatrist for his medication check-up (every 3rd month), we asked about this.

We were told that there is a difference between the generic and name brand (although once metabolized they break down into the same drug), and potentially several differences in the generic formulations, depending on the manufacturer. For instance, there could be a difference in the chemical compound that affects the “delivery system.” There can be “fillers” used that may trigger an allergic reaction. You just never know until you try, but then if it isn’t effective for you–at what cost to you performance and well-being?

The psychiatrist began writing on his prescriptions “generic okay; Barr/TEVA ONLY.” That did the job! We have only been using the formulation by Barr/TEVA since. Sometimes the pharmacist will need to call around if they don’t have it, but it’s worth it! I realize this is a delayed post–and I’m hoping you the prior post helped you with your problem by now! Be well.