Reply To: Lunch Accommodations Added to an IEP


I could have written this, and probably have before lol. My son is very small for his age (10 1/2 yrs and less than 40 lbs), and we have had trouble on and off for several years with getting “permission” for him to drink a pediasure at school in addition to his lunch. Between his ADHD and ASD, the cafeteria is way overwhelming for him, and he often comes home with little to none of his lunch having been eaten.
Then they wonder why his focus is so off for the rest of the day. His ADHD meds really put a damper on his appetite, and he really doesn’t get hungry until about an hour after school and into the evening. He burns off everything he does eat, so even if he eats several snacks and two dinners in the evening, there isn’t anything sticking to help him gain weight. At one time I was told that it could be added to his IEP, and then was told no- it would have to be handled through the school nurse, and we would need something from his pediatrician. I now have a letter from his pediatrician for the school year (you need to do it every year) that has his pediasure written as a prescription. I’m sure we could go further, with other high calorie, high fat foods, but our school doesn’t have the food gestapo, we don’t have to worry about that.. yet. I would definitely have the pediatrician write something up and give it to the school nurse to keep on file, make a copy for the office, and also a copy for his teacher.