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JBoom I appreciate the help. I actually am seeing a psychiatrist. I been seeing her twice a week for the past month through my insurance(Medicaid). I was feeling super down today. When I went to my psychiatrist today she told me I’m dealing with 5 issues (Inattentive ADD/ADHD, Major Depression, Anxiety, Compulsive Issues, as well as low self-esteem/trust issues/social anxiety)

She said ADHD is bad but it seems my depression is worse than ADHD? I think its my ADHD causing me to be depressed and stuff. I have to call the med management people at the same place so I can go for a evaluation. I’ll probably have to be put on some type of ADHD meds but I just feel like this isn’t reareal but I know I been dealing with something my whole life. And about the diet yes I’m vegan im doing my best to eat healthy but my depression or whatever doesn’t make me have a appetitite, I am eating 1 meal a day. The reason I went vegan was because I was dealing with a bunch of stomach issues and doctors did all the test and said I was fine but I know I’m not. I went vegan because I never liked meat and all that so it wasn’t that hard, the hardest thing to stopped was cheese and the junk food. I never heard of malnourished, I just had to see what that meant. Imma have my Dr. Test me for that as well when I go to my Dr. Appointment in a few weeks. I definitely am gonna stick to a plant based diet(vegan) I just need to start eating way more and getting the right nutrients and all that.