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I can relate to the anger outbursts. I am usually a very quiet person. It’s been my experience that in situations that demand my control (supervising others, staying on top of a schedule, being responsible for the outcome of an important task) I will lose my temper easily if I percieve others as not pulling their weight, or that they are impeding my performance in some way. Most recently, when my neighbors were being too noisy for me to sleep at 3:00 AM, I waited an hour then had a complete meltdown. I yelled profanities followed by telling them they were ignorant, uncaring and selfish. They stopped the noise, but I felt embarassed and guilty later. I have lost jobs for arguments with supervisors, and have distanced myself from everyone in my family except my daughter who also has ADHD (she and I understand each other better). But for me, this medication is the only thing that keeps my impulsiveness in check and makes it possible for me to focus on what needs my attention. I just opted for a lower dose. I may not get as much done, and still show some symptoms but without it there could be very serious consequenses to the impulsive behaviors.
That being said, there are other medications that may not cause the anger in you. Dexedrine had a much more mellowing effect on me, but it didn’t curb the impulsiveness enough (although it did make me feel the most “normal”). It might be worth a try for you, instead of stopping medication completely. It did still help a lot with focus.