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To put this succinctly in a phrase, “Their opinions do not negate my experience.”
There are a number of symptom questionnaires that will help you to understand what you are experiencing.
At their questionnaire is based on solid science and 80,000+ personality tests, thete are others too.
I too had a psychiatrist nearly have a fit when I told him that one of the trial drugs relieved a “food anxiety” that I didn’t know I had until it was gone.
His response was, “You don’t have any anxiety! Look at these results!” as he waved some charts at me.
I said, holding my hands about three feet apart, “You are talking about ANXIETY and I’m (holding two fingers an inch apart) talking about a small, one subject anxiety.
My experience of the anxiety trumped his opinion of it.
Relax in the knowledge of, “It is what it is.” and if their opinion differs from your experience, they are the one with the problem since they are not giving you adequate consideration.