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Remember that “tapering off” and “quitting” are different concepts. Tapering means gradually reducing dosage and then stopping. It gives your body time to adjust. It’s like smokers who reduce the amount of nicotine they need bit by bit.

There is a lot you can do to control your symptoms without meds and a lot you can do to help reduce the likelihood of side effects from meds (if you currently experience them or you switch medication) and to minimize the possibility of withdrawal symptoms if you decide to stop taking medication. Whether or not to medicate is between you and your healthcare practitioner.

Medication controls symptoms, but it doesn’t address causes.

I always say nutrition first. Make sure that you’re getting enough fat and limiting sugar in all its forms. Adding essential fatty acids into my life over 20 years ago changed my life, and I’ve seen done a lot of research on nutrition and diets with regard to ADHD. There are other facets to treatment as well, but this is my #1 recommendation. Start with the book Finally Focused and go from there.