Reply To: I don't have hyper focus


aw, patrick. me too. i feel bad about myself because i never overfocus on tasks… and im not sure about me doing well under pressure either. i mostly listen, not like how adhd websites’s lists tell me that usually people with attention disorders tend to talk a lot out of turn and not listen. sometimes its awful, because if not this then what else am i? i dont know what else i am. i probably have some sort of social disorder along with my add, so that explains some symptoms, but this hyperfocus thing… i get pissed off because i get all the awful things too but i dont get to Cool Hyperfocused Drive! that everyone talks of. if i do, it will only be watching niche youtube videos about bees, and even then i get easily bored. im sorry i dont have much to help you with this haha. i hope we both find out more about ourselves soon! best of luck to you.