Reply To: Generic Adderall


ADHD is a neurological thing. A few years back I read this article that helped me understand that better than any doctor or other article I’d read up until that point. It described seeing a child with adhd have a meltdown in a store and other people looking at them like the parent was letting their kid get away with misbehaving. Sort of like…giving snotty looks. But if they saw a child in a store having a seizure, other parents would look at them with empathy. But, they’re both neurological conditions. A child could have 2 seizures one day and 20 another day (despite the medication and/or manufacturer). The article was meant as a means for parents to give to teachers who may not know its neurologically based—it was written by a teacher too. So, sometimes when I take my meds and they don’t work as well one day from the next, I just assume my adhd is in overdrive that day. If that makes sense. However, having said all that, my CVS just changed manufacturers (15mg IR), and this is my second month and I’m not doing it a third. It’s definately the manufacturer because my adhd would never be on overdrive for that long.(?) plus, they are softer and more prone to breaking down in the humidity. The new manufacture they switched to is Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. The whole thing is weird, confusing, and annoying. Do I like the idea of asking the pharmacist who the manufacturer is before they fill my script? NOT AT ALL! I shouldn’t feel this way but with all the abuse of prescription medications these days, I sometimes feel like they’re judgy. Stop calling it a narcotic. It doesn’t “feel” like what I think a narcotic would feel like because I need them. Giving them my ID when I drop it off AND pick it up is annoying to me as well. I just want to yell “where were you people when you were filling out all the opiate scripts that got 1/4 of the country hooked”. I don’t like venting about that here but then again, WT heck. Sometimes I’d like to drop my script off when I get it instead of having to wait for the day I can get it filled. I have adhd and despite my meds, still misplace things on a regular basis. Ok, enough of all that. My rant is done. Just remember that the nature of adhd is inconsistent in and of itself.