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JBoom & ADHDmomma i was going to multiple psychiatrists as a young kid nobody knew what was wrong. my mom told me a few months ago i was diagnosed with adhd as a kid. I remember reading a diary from my past and it mentions something about bi polar and moods swings as a kid. Im an adult now and been seeing this new therapist for a month now. there is no rush or pressure being put on me about pills but i still feel talking about my problems isn’t really helping me out. as you guys already know “in carefully controlled lab studies of human research participants, [Dextroamphetamine] & methamphetamine produce nearly identical physiological and behavioral effects…. They both increase blood pressure, pulse, euphoria, and desire to take the keyword “Drug” in a dose-dependent manner. Essentially, they are the same Drug. that means amphetamine drugs such as Adderall – prescribed to treat narcolepsy and adhd, are in no fact different from meth(Crystal Meth) the receptors in the brain adhd meds work the same as crystal meth. In fact, the active ingredients of Adderall are actually 75% detroamphetamine salts, the other 25% are other amphetamines. I feel if i get put on these pills i am going to fall for the system/trap and I’m be stuck on these drugs/pills feeling like a zombie, I feel its gonna do damage in my gut and brain. Also how come big successful entrepreneurs who have adhd most refuse to take their pills and they still became successful. I need to see some articles or meet people who feel like i do and are actually proof that adhd are safe and actual help a person change his life drastically. Plus I always read people getting addicted and stuff on those pills and it messes up there lives than it actually helps. I already been having horrible gut problems (most likely where my depression/anxiety is coming from) brain gut connection. I know those pills gonna do some damage to my gut and i don’t want get stuck having to clean my system out of these drugs. I Just want all this pain and suffering to go away!! Im wasting my life and gifts/talents away. I don’t wanna be laying in my death bed with nothing to show for my life, looking back at all the things i wanted to do but never did because of my condition smh. This is horrible!! Ps. Im vegan and i barely eat 1 meal a day due to not being hungry etc and my therapist said it has alot to do with my depression. I dont drink pop, eat candy, no energy drinks, no artificial and natural sweeteners, gluten free, i don’t drink alcohol, i never did any drugs in my life except for what the dr’s had me on as a kid for adhd. I don’t want to poison my body/temple with meth(ADHD drugs). I know i sound like a mess, because honestly i am a horrible mess. I have zero motivation to do things i love or enjoy doing even if i really want tom my mind just feels super fatigued and i just shut down. So how am i gonna be able to do thing i hate doing like searching for a dead end job to go work in the 9-5 system which i hate more than anything in the world!! I try to be a very positive person even with all the negativity around me, I just feel no matter how much i try to stay positive the negativity always seems to take over. I dont hate a lot of things but I do hate the idea of working a 9 to 5 job stuck struggling, working paycheck 2 paycheck, Excuse my language but I FUCKING HATE IT!!, IT DRIVES ME CRAZY AND MAKES ME MISERABLE. I live with my mom and 5 year old sister and my mom works to hard and still struggles bad. she is always on my back about getting a job but every time my mom, grandma, or auntie start getting on me about a job I get very angry and my blood pressure rises and i start sweating bad, I just don’t understand. I also suffer from social anxiety which is why I am a homebody stuck in my comfort zone, i don’t exercise, i rarely even go outside, when i do i feel like a vampire the sun is soooo bright! I Just dont know who to trust or what to do anymore, im suffering and its killing me inside.