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Hey everyone – so I saw this post and felt, as a veteran I should probably share some things with all of you. I was diagnosed with ADD at 16, I am now 40. I have taken several different medications since the one I started on and of course responded the best to, was taken off the market. So here is some info:
1) the meds will most likely make a tremendous difference in your ability to function – really in all aspects of your life. Seriously – mind blown.
2) The meds are not a cure though and you will find some days are better than others, sometimes the meds work great and other days you can’t manage to get a single thing accomplished – so take some of the time in which the meds are working and put into place some strategies to keep your self on track for when those less than great days happen.
3) the worst side effect for me is at the end of the day and the meds are wearing off – irritable is a nice way of putting it. As i recall Ritalin was not as bad as Vyvanse and Adderall are. Also I binge eat at night – and yes – this is the meds.
4) the XR versions never last as long as they say – which is why I also take Adderall with the Vyvanse.
5) if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant make sure your doctor is willing to work with you on dosage if you want to remain on a lower dose – this is your choice ladies – and I’ve done it both ways – and its a decision you need to make with you and your doctor, just make sure your doctor is willing to have the conversation – during my first pregnancy mine was not and i was off my meds from 2 months on and it was disaster. PS – All 3 of my girls are healthy, my youngest has Autism (turns out we share quite a bit in common)…but that’s a story for a different day.
6) Keep a log – Every day I rate my Mood, Focus, Staying on Task, Memory and impulse and a few notes. OK – so I don’t do it every day because I have ADD….but I should – try to do it as much as possible.
7) You can build up a tolerance to the medication and it can also just stop working – I think i am kind of there with Vyvanse.
8) Stopping your meds – the doctors will tell you that you can take it one day and not the next and you should be fine. This may be true if you have only been taking it for a few days but if its been a bit once you cease taking it your ADD symptoms will be worse than they ever where pre-medicine for the first few days.
9) You may lose a bit of your “fun”. I’m not as fun on the medicine, not as easy-going or chill, not as agreeable or creative but I still choose to take the meds everyday because a life worth living isn’t possible without them. That may sound bleak but life was harder than it needed to be before and I had no idea it wasn’t the same for everyone else until I started ditching school and my parent’s sent me to a psychiatrist.
10) Be careful who you tell. When i first started working I had no problem sharing my ADD diagnosis but gradually my work load changed, and i was treated differently by some and it was a horrible feeling.
I am here to help – please reach out with any questions –