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Have been doing this since a child. Remember 60 YRS ago,as a 2nd grader, I had to carry Mother’s cookie contribution to school. Was sure I was going to drop them. In my mind I rehearsed all the ways I could fail from the string breaking, to tripping, to a bus accident…. The cookies got there intact but I’ve carried the worry habit most of my life.
I learned to cope by writing out my fear, including all the ways I could fail. Then I evaluate the odds and look for ways to increase my chances to negotiate them. This takes time and discipline which are both issues for me. And before long I can say ” enough already. Get back to life”.
All this was before I was diagnosed with ADHD. Now I have an explanation. Also realized that I was using my hyper-focus in an unhelpful way. I still worry about things but can stop before panic disables me.