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As I’m sure you’ve guessed, there is no ‘right’ answer. And you will angst and 2nd guess no matter what you decide. Our son has an August bday and we initially had him repeat Kindergarten. Immediately I felt it was a mistake as he was SO bored. So we had him do half of 2nd/half 3rd. He was in Montessori so it was easy. I’ve doubted that decision ever since. He’s where he needs to be academically but is clearly a year behind socially (now entering 10th grade). I do feel like the academic challenge has helped his confidence.(he too scored way above grade on tests). My husband once said to me, “holding him back was never going to make him more socially aware. He’d be just as awkward for other reasons.” Good insight. You know your kid. Go with your gut. Just know it won’t solve everything and there are pros/cons no matter what you choose.