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my personal and professional opinion would be to allow him to repeat grade 3. i’m surprised his school is reluctant to hold him back even though his social/emotional is quite low. one should do what is best for your son. he is still young enough that the kids are still very much accepting of everyone with challenges. as kids get older they are not so accepting, more cliquey and the social/emotional becomes very key so with another year under his belt will only benefit him. he is willing to repeat so that is not an issue here. i’m not sure what the curriculum is like where you live but in many places the curriculum is changing and becoming more open ended and student driven so that he will be able to extend his learning in whatever grade he is in. he can be encouraged to be a leader which will only encourage his confidence. organizational difficulties and processing challenges is another reason for another year of practice. executive functioning skills are extremely important for academic success even if you are smart. knowing the answer, being able to express that answer and handing in your work on time are all different skills. i have taught gr 3 students for over 20 years, sometimes as a straight gr 3 or gr 2/3 combined class. there is huge diversity in just one grade. humans are social animals and social skills are important throughout life and has a huge impact on your emotional and mental well being as well. given the information you have shared, i would fully support he repeat grade 3. best of luck!