Reply To: Lunch Accommodations Added to an IEP


This post really hit a nerve with me – I logged to post my first reply here!

First of all, as a parent I am completely horrified of the idea that a school nutrition policy would in any way extend to a lunch sent from home. I realize the days of birthday cookies for the class are over, but to tell me what to send with my kid in his lunch when the issue isn’t a peanut allergy? I would be livid. I’m surprised you don’t have a plethora of angry parents.

I know the point here is to get you the help you need for your own kid, and you have some great advice to help you, but as a parent of a child with serious medical issues in addition to ADHD, who had both a g-tube and a j-tube for 8 years and still isn’t even on the growth chart at all for his age; and as a parent who knows a lot about managing the nutrition AND emotional issues regarding food in a family of children with very different nutritional needs, I’m saying this is a policy worth fighting. I know you probably don’t have time to lead a protest or anything 😉 but I hope that as you get the approval you need for your child, you can use your situation to diplomatically point out the flaws in the policy.

I believe in good nutrition, and i believe in a nutrition policy that guides what the school serves and food that’s shared in class. At the end of the day, though, I reserve the RIGHT to send my kids with a lunchbox full of cookies – even though I never would. I can promise there are other children who are impacted by this policy and are not getting what they need because they don’t have a doctor’s note or their parents aren’t as educated and assertive as you.