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My son, now 15, has a late July birthday. Also designated 2e,he struggled until this year. What he got out of that, was a couple of very strong relationships with boys like him, who have given him an anchor as he explores new friendships in high school. He was very small, awkward, and painfully shy. Now 6′, 185, he plays rugby. Th
Perhaps, if you had delayed kindergarten for your son, or repeated kindergarten…. But now, I would say that I would not retain him. There’s a LOT of social stigma associated with repeating grades, and kids remember. If he’s also gifted, that’s a nightmare concept for a kid to have to do all of that work again. I was a socially awkward and gifted child, and if my mom told me I was going to repeat 3rd grade, I would have cried all day for the entire school year.
Give him time, he will surprise you!