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Our son repeated kindergarten by our decision. We knew we would likely never regret it. He does not have ODD, but has ADHD, dyslexia, slow processing speed, dysgraphia, summer bday and high IQ. He is a quiet sweet boy, but it was clear he was struggling more than he should be with social skills, following directions, reading and other little things I had trouble explaining to other people, but I knew. It was the BEST choice for him. We did it young, to try to separate his issues from his age. Frankly he was relieved! He found friends (not alot, but a few good ones) and we just reiterated how everyone learns and matures differently. He just started 8th grade, and I shudder at the thought that he would have started High School…he does fine but does NOT belong in High School this year. He has never complained. We also knew we would have him one more year to mature before sports, dances and college . My best advice (my 10th grade dyslexic adhd daughter is in Honors English!!) is to follow your gut. You know your child. You are his advocate. Don’t depend on anyone else to decide. If you are not satified with the situation, keep searching to find someone or a program to help him. That was my mantra. We did ALOT of remediations, therapies etc but it has totally paid off.