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I’m currently reading Sari Solden’s book and feel a lot of what you verbalized! (Thank you for sharing, btw). I am a former public school educator and feel (felt) that I was knowledgeable about ADHD, but I now realize that I understood what it looks like for children and mainly cis-male kids. Now, I am a professor working to achieve tenure and I really struggle with communication (email, especially) and writing articles about my research (which I need for tenure)… in fact, I thought about responding to your post for quite awhile, felt overwhelmed at the thought of putting my thoughts into words, and am only able to type this much, now, because I am avoiding finishing my syllabus for tomorrow’s class!
Past doctors assumed I had ADHD, but no one officially diagnosed me. I recently started with a therapist and we are working to pinpoint what kind of ADHD I have in order to develop some strategies for work and home. I understand how you feel – The waiting game is tough! I hope you get relief and some helpful strategies once you begin treatment!!!