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I know an elderly lady who is 88 years old. She has been a heavy smoker for most of her life and eats a lot of junk food. She’s in perfect health, doesn’t even have a smoker’s cough. I know many people like this, and more who know other people like this.

Does that mean smoking and eating junk food are healthy activities? Of course not. That’s the difference between anecdote and statistic. Not everyone who engages in unhealthy behavior will get unhealthy results. But statistically, the chances of avoiding health issues as a smoker/junk food eater are rare (even if one’s personal experience makes it not seem so).

Pulling a child out of the only social group they know, and dropping them into a new one is statistically a risky thing to do. Deciding to do it requires a lot of risk/benefit analysis. Those of you who have had success, that’s great. But recommending it to others, especially when you don’t know the particulars of their situation, is as irresponsible as claiming smoking is healthy merely because you can pull out some anecdotes about healthy people who happen to smoke.

Also, those of you claim success whose child is still a child, you don’t yet know if there will be long term negative effects.