Reply To: Lunch Accommodations Added to an IEP


I understand where the school is coming from …. in part. YES – some kids need to eat healthier, and IF a parent is sending nothing but oreos and chips, well okay. However, what is healthy for one child – may not be healthy for another. Just like I wouldn’t send my older son with the same protein shake I send this son. For my older son, it’s TOO many calories. What exactly is unhealthy about a protein shake with an apple, spinach, carrot and pinapple mixed in, and then a clif bar, half a sandwich and an all natural organic fruit leather in a hope he’ll get some solids?

I’ve let the school know I’ll be sending the shake daily until his doctor’s appointment and will comply with their request; however, have also let them know that the doctor’s note will extend past just the shake and encompass his diet plan in it’s entirety. I’ve also requested an IEP review.

Son reports they shortened the lunch period to 20 minutes, and he is able to get a Clif bar down and part of his sandwich, but did admit he’s still throwing a lot of it away. But does drink his shake since he said he can drink and talk easier.

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