Reply To: Lunch Accommodations Added to an IEP


We had an issue with our elementary school inspecting my child’s lunch. Telling her it was not nutritious so she would not eat. She has many food allergies and kidney/ gastro issues so her food was recommended by a doctor. The school is not allowed to ban food items unless they are a danger to other children, such as peanuts. The teacher picking on my child had absolutely no education on nutrition and they do not have a licensed nutritionist on staff. They stopped the lunch inspections because I pointed out the food they serve in school is packed with crap. I had a doctors note on file and specific instructions that the school is not allowed to tell my daughter what to eat. If your child goes to a cafeteria for lunch the staff their will not be aware of the IEP. Be firm. Their behavior is directly impacting your son’s health and education. When a child is hungry they do not focus.