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I agree with the others. I started mine at 5 and a half and although academically he was capable, socially and emotionally he was not. We did not have a dx at that time but if we had I would have waited for sure. Mine is dual ADHD/ASD and he’s 12 no and has managed, but I think he would have had an easier time all the way around if we had waited another year. I know it can be tough to contradict strong opinioned relatives who probably have good intentions but you know your child best and mommy intuition is real so do what you feel is best. And disability or not, I’ve never met a parent who waited an extra year and regretted starting their child later – whether their child had special needs or not. Kindergarten has changed and the standards are higher and more demanding than when we were in school, so an extra year to mature is good for almost any child.