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This is happening with all ADHD meds, not just Adderall. They don’t want to pay out, so they are putting limitations on the meds based on what the “maximum recommended dose” is. Now, we all know that some of us need more than the maximum recommended dose, obviously. Something that I discovered quite by accident is that if the doctor write scripts for different doses of prescriptions, sometimes they will fill them, even though it’s in total over the recommended maximum dose for the month. So, let’s say for example the maximum they dispense on the Adderall or the generic is 90 pills of 20 mgs, and let’s say you needed 120 pills of 20, have him write out a script of 90 pills of 20 and then 60 pills of 10 or whatever works. The point is to get two scripts. Two different scripts that will give you the coverage you need might work. I have tried submitting scripts first a week apart from each other and then later on two scripts at the same time and they got filled. And like I said, it was an accident that I discovered this and it was because my son’s dosage kept getting changed because he was being titrated and we had to keep on adjusting the dose weekly. Remember it’s a computer turning you down when the script gets submitted. There’s no live person on the other end when that script goes through checking to see, oh is this total going over the maximum? It gets blocked the moment it hits the maximum for the script submitted is what I believe is happening. Give it a try and also use the generic. Many insurance companies will no longer cover brand if a generic is available.