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Maybe you can get the generic version instead. Ritalin brand and generic is readily available in the United States. There are also Canadian pharmacies that ship overseas, but you need to research to find a reputable one. Perhaps you can find a doctor who can prescribe it for you in the U.S., if you provide medical documentation and a friend in the US who can get your prescription filled in the US and mail it to you because obviously the long acting version does not work for you. The other thing is perhaps the dose of the long acting is still too high for you. Also, there are other options as well that could work for you that belong to the same family as Ritalin. There’s Focalin and Cotempla for example. Also Vyvanse is a close relative to Ritalin, although not exactly the same line as Ritalin, but it’s very compatible. There are many options out there. You are not limited to Ritalin. Do not suffer with these side effects. Go and find something that works for you.