Reply To: NEW ADHD DX in 6yo boy -Focalin


Hi Junebug

I saw your post and I absolutely had to reply to you my son is 12 and he has been on the generic of Focalin since he was 8. His medicine name is dimethylphenidate. We were having similar issues at school prior to the start of his medicine and I have to say in my son’s case the medicine has made a tremendous amount of difference in his ability to focus in school. Now the medicine is pretty much out
much out of his system come early evening however our physician also informed us about a quick release to get us through homework time if needed. Just FYI. Within 2 weeks, we started to receive nunumerous comments for the better. The medicine has a lot of side effects listed but don’t let that stop you from trying. Personally my son has done very well with it and chances are your son will too. My son takes Melatonin to help with sleep. God Bless. I completely understand what you are going through.