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I was on Social Security Disability for almost 10 years. I have the following impairments – attention deficit disorder, bipolar affective disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and major depressive disorder. In March of 2017 Social Security informed me that I had been making too much money at my part time job as a cashier as of February of 2014; my SSDI payments stopped and that I owe them over $54,269.60. I didn’t know I was supposed to report to them what I was making. They never sent me a notice that said “you can make $_______ per month and that’s it”. That I would have understood. But I cannot understand their communications because of my disabilities. I too have gotten into financial trouble several times before. I don’t “get” the paperwork. Why the hell did they give me disability insurance to begin with if they didn’t know/understand my impairments? Because I was 64 I put in for SS Retirement Benefits, which they promptly cut in half until April of 2026 so I can pay them back.