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I was on 20 mg. of Ritalin four times a day for years and years. That’s 120 pills as per month. Well, all of a sudden the insurance company limited it to 90 pills per month. I was furious. The doctor said her hands were tied. The insurance companies are running the doctors. P.S. I turned 65 and my psychiatrist took me off the Ritalin completely because of “my age”. She hinted that it was the decision of the insurance company. She gave me a synthetic called Nuvigil. It’s approved for narcolepsy. One pill a day wasn’t working. The insurance company only covered one pill per day. So now the doctor gives me an RX that I pay out of my pocket for. And it’s very costly – one hundred twenty two dollars for 60 pills. To make matters worse, to me the Nuvigil isn’t working but I keep taking them hoping they will.