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I had taken Ritalin for years, worked great. Then I was about to turn 65 and my psychiatrist took me off due to “my age”. I don’t even have high blood pressure. She hinted slightly that it was the insurance company policy. Don’t know if that’s true. That was December of 2017 and I haven’t been the same since. I can’t get anything done, my bathroom and craft room are total messes, I keep falling asleep every time I am idle. I watch TV, I fall asleep. I read, I fall asleep. I have to wait in the doctors’ office, I fall asleep, I’m visiting with my mother in her nursing home and I take a nap on her bed! The Dr. put me on Nuvugil It’s synthetic. It doesn’t do a thing for me but I continue to take it in the hopes it will work. Has anyone else had to forfeit their ADD meds because of their age?