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You’re welckme!!

Honestly, one of the HARDEST things in life is dealing with being misunderstood. Dealing with someone not accepting your heart, I so so get it. I went off adhd medication while pregnant, unexpected pregnancy. Right before actually. Lswotvhes my insurance bc tuening 26, anand had to go to a place that mostly delay with addicts, and they saw I was a recovering alcoholic, and ripped me off adhd med, had awful hyperactivity, said it was bc I was bipolar not adhd and said it was mania. I told them I didn’t think was mania bc when I didn’t sleep, I was miserable where mania you still have energy. I had to pace and rock around all day or awful pain so they put me on ability, which caused full blown akathasia, seriously awful and they said I just needed more ability, made it worse and when I said this they said I just wanted pity!! The pain in ones body with zero dopamine is unbearable!! Finally found a neurologist, but at that point I was 6 months preggo and they didn’t feel comfortable adding back adhd med after being off, so I waited. I was in so much pain and everybody thought I was faking it to eye out of work and really get out of life. That couldn’t have been further from truth. My family believes me, bc they saw the instant change !! Eap when I switched to Adderall XR! And guess what? Adding a late afternoon second dose of adderral xr helped me Sleep better!!! My boyfriend still gets bitter on and off, bc he sometimes still thinks I was faking, but he had his own issues that caused him to cats blame on everyone. He’s an alcoholic and finally got sober two months ago from DUIs, and he still doesn’t have a sponsor, and “dry drinks” are so hard to live with, he’s still blaming all his hurts on others ya know? But in first situation, many people just assumed I “grew up” with the whole drastic positive change (like your recent positive change). They wouldn’t believe it was the med no matter how much I would try to convince them I would just be left frustrated . And hopeless and that fear of being misunderstood would grow and grow. Letting go that I cannot change others views is so so so hard. I get it. But you are worth it, and you may not rwlaoE it, but you do not have to let other people’s view of you determine your worth. So so hard to do, but relying on Hod for my source of security and validation has helped me ya know?