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Thank you so much for your reply amelial. It definitely sounds like it’s worth you getting tested and I’m glad you’re taking that step. I don’t know what it’s like where you live but in the UK where I live it’s really hard to get taken seriously which I think is what’s holding me back from seeing if I fit the diagnosis. I hope it goes well for you and yes, i’d love to hear how it goes.

I definitely relate to the sleep problems too. I forgot to mention that but that’s one of my main issues too. For as long as I can remember I’ve had trouble falling asleep and waking up. I can only get to sleep if like you, I’ve done exercise, also gotten fresh air, and I need to wind down before bed. I have to listen to a meditation thing to sleep every night and I’ll usually fall asleep part way through but not always.

Yeah coffee is weird. I have loads of it. I feel like I can’t think properly until I’ve had some and makes me less scatterbrained, less clumsy and more calm and focused but sometimes more tired. If I don’t have a glass of water with it sometimes it makes me feel reeeally sleepy but I still feel like I need it to function. If I’m stressed and unhappy coffee helps a lot but I think it’s started losing its effect a bit.

You mention having to exercise to function and that’s one of the classic non pharmacological treatments for adhd so it sounds like you’ve developed coping mechanisms to deal with your problems. I also need to exercise regularly and feel way better for it although there’s often not time and I feel lousy having not done it. I’ll often get distracted by housemates and run out of time.

Good luck with the diagnosis. I don’t know if you’ve had a look at some of the scales they use for diagnosis? I think this is what would give me the courage to see someone about it as it’s the official detailed scales they use and most things seem to fit for me. Yet I’ve still got this persons voice in my head saying I’m crazy for thinking I have it. Grrrr.