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Thank you, jimmer, for laying out your techniques so succinctly. #3 – I also leave myself a note on my desk when I leave for the day, to remind me where to pick up in the morning. I am also working on keeping my focus on the big things for the day. #1 – I try to stay in the moment and not borrow trouble from the future. It helps me not feel so overwhelmed. As for #2, I think that would help me – I probably keep notes in different ways about where I am on projects, but maybe a notebook would help me have that in one place.

To toomanytabs, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are your own worst critic. I think a lot of us are. It comes from growing up with expectations that didn’t match our abilities. My temptation with the feedback from your boss would be to take it as an indication that your efforts are paying off more than you realize. It could seem like your boss doesn’t know you, but it could also be that he is trying to praise you for something you value and are good at, or for something he values and appreciates about you. Try to take it at face value and not over-analyze.