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Thanks so much for this, its really helpful. My partner left me and has been really unwilling to see me at all, I have certainly written and we do communicate via email, there is a lot of hurt and I have done my best to be understanding and listen and I have listened and made numerous apologies, I like the idea of being more specific in saying sorry, particularly about talking about a few example of moments when this anger and behavior change really came up. I think, because we are seperated now – I have a bit of a desperate feeling about the medication issues being seen, it feels like otherwise it was all me and that angry person who i was while taking the medication is still here, this is where it gets hard. The difference in my state of mind, my mood, behavior and entire life is totally different to the last year, I mean its like astonshingly different, I stopped biting my nails, I work out again, I dont drink much at all, I sleep normally, I can handle all of my work and my life with ease again, I can watch TV, read books, walk my dog, I am reaching out to my friends again, I mean this list goes on and on – not to mention I dont have blurred vision, dont get hives and have not had another panic attack – so its about being ok with my partner potentially never recognizing what happened for me and that I am not under the influence of the medication and thus myself again. It is the hardest part, important to mention we had a pretty amazing life together for four years before this happened, it was the best relationship I have ever been invovled with, families met and liked each other, we both got along super well with the others family, in fact we lived together next to my entire family. My parents and sibilings also noticed the change in my behavior and were also concern but they did not see nearly as much of the trouble as my partner, that said, they have all taken note of the dramatic shift in my temperment and way of being, everyone was worried about me – they can see now that I am ok, which is a great relif, they do reflect back what has happneed to me and I am really thankful for that. Its just hard losing someone you love to something like this that is actually controlable, it was not mental illness it was too much of that medication, had really bad effects. Thanks again for your kind words please let me know if you have any other thoughts