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Donald Sloat

Here is my idea of what is happening. You have a very sensitive sensory system and your body most likely is sensitive to touch, sound, light, etc.Most ADHD people have trouble sorting and prioritizing, but for you it is to the extreme. When you look at a menu or directions, every word stands out equally, and your brain does not do the normal field/ground mode where the section you are looking at stands out and the rest fades to the background. Your eyes dart all over not knowing which word to look at, and tries to look at all of them at once. This leads to being overwhelmed quickly, and then your mind is flooded with panic not knowing what to do. In the panic mode, your are done, and cannot step out of it. Because this has happened so much in your life, your brain knows it is going to be overwhelmed and goes into panic just thinking about the menu. Check on this site for Sensory Processing Disorder. You would benefit from a medication that slows your brain’s ramp up. Low dose of Inderal, or Clonidine is best, also known Intuniv. You need a very low dose. This med limits the stress hormones that tell your body to get ready to fight or flee. It prevents the flooded state. Once you are flooded, it requires more complicated medication Xanax, Valium, etc., to calm the body, but this is not the way to go. Read Daniel Amen’s book, “Healing ADD.” Just knowing this may help you when you look at a menu. Practice at home, and observe your internal reactions to see if what I am describing is happening.