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Thanks for both your stories! I’m a high school teacher (24 yrs) diagnosed 16 yrs ago at age 35. My marriage and job were in jeopardy. Diagnosed and and medicated (Concerta 54mg), and that worked wonders in the short term. Fast forward to 21 months ago, and my marriage is again in danger. I thought that meds would be the magic fixer of this ADD ‘thing’. What I didn’t realize was that ADD has insisdious relatives that accompany it everywhere – shame, anxiety, depression, and possibly rejection sensitive dysphoria. Not dealing with those brought me to that place.

I realized a full treatment plan had to be in place to get myself back to where I wanted to be. For me, that meant both meds and therapy. While it’s still a struggle sometimes, I realize that this will always be who I am: I forget things, lose track of time, struggle with small talk, etc. But I’m better about not letting it derail me.

I have an amazing wife (just celebrated 25 yrs) and kids (now 17 & 20). They keep me grounded, as I’m better about letting them do that. I hope that you both can find those foundations that let you be the person at your core. You both have so much to offer! Keep up the good work, and I wish well on your journeys; thanks again for sharing your stories! Chris