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I have many, but my main 2 are model railroading and playing music. I am 55 and recently diagnosed with ADHD-inattentive, but have been diagnosed OCD for 25+ years.. and when I say hobbies, I mean basically obsessions. Problem has been that I will go madly at one for 4-6 months, then lose interest and switch to the other, or stop for a while….maddening. I am also a perfectionist and very serious about both. I am a published author in a model railroad magazine, built an interior in a 3 inch long caboose(yeah…that kind of ‘crazy’) and consider myself an uber-geek in the hobby. I have played bass and sing lead vocals(on some not all songs) for various local working bands since the early 90s and consider myself very good at it, but like all of us….never enough. I have dozens(possibly 100) unfinished projects downstairs, and have a habit of switching in and out of bands(not always by choice…lol)…have been in about 15 since I started playing in working bands.