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I am a high school teacher (23 yrs) who was diagnosed 16 yrs ago at age 35. I can SO identify with your summer struggle! I, too feel like I waste precious time figuring out things to do. I have found that summer employment really helps. I work in a summer golf program, working wit young inner-city kids. It’s engaging, fun, with none of the pressure that teaching brings (you know – prep work, lesson plans, correcting, etc.). It fills just enough of my summer time so that I have some structure to get the other things done.

Also, I continue with my medication and therapy schedule. I find that’s the thing that I SHOULD NOT change. I need the consistency and stability brought by this, so that I can attend to my relationships and other commitments. I’ve had periods where all of these have been put in jeopardy because I thought that meds or therapy could be cut back/cut out. I’d encourage you to maintain that balance that we so desparetely need throughout the year. I wish you well on your journey – and rest up as we prepare for our school year!