Reply To: ADHD and Addiction


Thank you for your reply to my post JBoo. You are saying what others have said and that I should boot him out, but he’s my son and it doesn’t sit well with me but again I agree with you and have said the same myself…..I am enabling him to continue with this lifestyle and be disrespectful to me. I don’t feel I can win either way. He is working again, which is how he can pay for his alcohol, although when not working or when he’s spent everything (which is usually within a couple of days), he borrows off his mates or from pay day loan companies. I recently helped him to clear all his debt with 3 companies but worry that he’s doing it again. I keep thinking, and hoping, that he will keep hold of this job so to give him yet another chance and am hoping that once we get to the weekend he won’t drink himself stupid again. I always seem to make an excuse to put it off but this has been going on for years now with one thing after another and I know I need to do something to make it change. It was interesting you saying this was you and getting booted out was the best thing to happen.