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Mama@ 5~HERBS

Good for you that you have posed this question to find something better. I am also inattentive and have had great luck with the Daytrana patch, which although it is methylphenidate, it is delivered transdermally – through the skin – and better for me than oral since it bypasses the stomach. I was always nauseous and “growly” on Methylphenidate in pill form. The patch is a little bit hard to figure out, but once you do*,it is super easy. (*Fold a crease in each section of the backing to give you a handle of sorts to grab and pull back and also to help smooth the patch onto your skin.)

I also use Trintellix for depression. This combo seems to keep me focused and happy. And my family jokes with me by singing “Mama put your patch on…patch on, patch on.” I give it 20 minutes to kick in and I am suddenly productive and organized – and not feeling the fog of ADHD as though I am completely unable to sift through my life chores and get the most pressing things done.

Good luck. The process of finding the right meds is so hard and frustrating but worth it to find the best for you!