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Ive presentlty 41 and ive been on Dexadrine (take 3-30mg in am )for 17 years now, it brings my world together.
I may have 10 things started, but i eventually finish them, my time management is better, and though i still get distracted its mot as bad.
Ive lost my meds in the past and on day two my world falls appart, its like having a million banker boxes dumped on the ground in front of me and i have to sort them all. With dexadrine im able to function as the best i can with adhd in the real world.
There are alot of different typesd of meds that all work differently for different people, dexadrine is a controlled substance, not a narcotic. Hopefully you have a good family doctor who can “trial& error” medication that best suits you.
Good luck,
Tammy Payne