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A, I jumped on here real quick yesterday on an impulse to reply to your post. I was diagnosed with ADD/bipolar NOS, at 40. Was given meds and dr hallowell’s book to READ! Of course I did what every normal ADHD person would do…open it with intrigue, looking for the stuff that pertains to me,hoping to find all the answers to help me better understand myself and the guide lines to a better life. 1min later I’m just flipping through the pages looking for points of interest. Looking for the stuff that says “here is what you have to do”. Not “here’s ideas of what might work best for you”. Did my best to get through what I thought I needed out if it, it’s been on the book on shelf ever since. I have always struggled with reading. Reading in general is never smooth sailing. I have a tendency to tell people, I’m the slowest reader on the planet. Book reports in school were especially challenging, took me the allotted time just to read the book never mind write a report on it. Manuals, instructions and menus, are almost like a foreign language. I know the words, they’re just not put in the right order for me to understand them, correctly. Hence the “I don’t speak “manual” comment. In my 55 years of life, I have never known anyone that could understand how hard this reading of things is for me. And here you are, putting it all down, in better words than could have done. Thank you.
In my last response, I was “rushed”. I had a doc appt I needed to go to. But I really wanted to respond to your post. I figured I had enough time to do that, before I left. Like others here, Time is a relative term. What I thought took about 5mins turned out to be more like 15mins. Crap, now I think I’m going to be late cuz I spent to much time online, I still had a couple things to do, I get that whirlwind kinda (painful)rush feeling that time is my enemy, careless mistakes made, like getting into the car and realizing that I took everything out with me but the car keys. Now I have to use the hide key to get back into the house, get my keys, put key back and then head out. During all this I felt like I wasted so much time, and now I’m going to be late. Long story short, I got to my appt 2mins early.
Buddy system with spouse, dead on.
I finally got a therapist 2 years ago that has been able to help me understand and work through all my “different channels” I’m a perfectly, wonderfully operating AM radio that keeps getting FM signals. Once I find the right “converter” I need to understand the FM signal, I’m good to go. Getting others to know you need one is another thing all it’s own. The other thing I’m finding is that the more I learn and know about what ADHD and how it relates to me, the better I can find what works for me. Trial and error is such a drag. The ADDitude magazine has been a great help. And I even read the whole Dr Hallowell book last year. -knowledge is power.
I enjoyed, skimmed and got a bit overwhelmed with reading all the replies to your post. I love what Julia wrote. All good things to know and grow with. We’re all a work in progress.
And it’s nice to see so many AM radios out there. 😊

Oh, omega3 pills helped me, along with a calcium/mag/vitamin D tablet. (calcium helps calm the nerves). And unfortunately yes, killing off the sugars and junk food helps. Though I haven’t made that one a true habit yet. Practice, practice, practice, patience, patience, self patience.