Reply To: Teen in High School


I would contact his school counselor and have a meeting regarding a ‘real kufe’ consequence should he not get at least all c’s. I would ask them to hold him back in any class in which he does not get a c or above. If they agree then have him meet with any school official plus any parent involved with his academics ( Mom, dad, grandparent etc) and state to him that we al all very proud of him in his academic accomplishments and we know that having add is challenging but the fact that he ….. state something positive that he does such as pack his backpack the night before school or lays his clothes out the night before- anything no matter how small…. and this year keeping track of homework, studying for tests etc. will be up to him. Any class in which you receive a c- or below you will need to repeat it over summer at your expense (some schools charge for it) or repeat it the next year. And remind him that he has all learned all the skills in order to succeed dnd I know you will do your best to succeed. Remind him you love him and haveceach personattending compliment him on one skill that he has learned over the past years. Such as his counselor may have seen him approach his math teTracher when wanting to learn when the next test will be or you may remind him of the time Benadryl his lunch tvenifht before so he would have more time that was less hurried in the morning. Kids like ours need to be reminded of their success as life reminds them often enough of their failures. If the school does not agree then maybe this agreement can be done with a therapist that he is seeing or a pastor or a trusted grandparent. My son only changes his negative behavior when something pretty catastrophic for him occurs. Which is dangerous and frightening as a parent. I have learned that the small lessons of getting kicked out of band and robotics due to his grades enabled him to put in place what he has learned in order for him to do what he wants. This was two years ago. He tried out for the band and robotics again the following year and he does whatever it takes to get the grades he needs to remain in those classes he lives. Good luck!