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i can relate.
Peacefultree is right.
When i read the article, “Secrets of Your ADHD Brain” by William Dodson, I thought, Oh my goodness! There are others that go thru this!
Take heart.
Personally I find it helps for me to read something that encourages me – whatever is most on my mind. then i pick something from what i read to put into practice for today. try or fail, i have to love myself and be able to laugh at my mistakes (i know, when it comes to losing people and getting into debt, thats a little hard). lately it has been the articles on this site that help me realize there is hope. and being out of work again i have been studying Millionaire Mentor stories and trying to put into practice the things they do so i can think like a successful person.
My friend suffers from flashbacks and i suffer from trauma. we have found a good doctor who does eye movement therapy to help the brain re-process the past properly.It seems to help.
i have always practiced being nice to myself.
i know im not writing in complete sentences today, but i hope something here helps you.