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Hey A!
There is so much GREAT ADVICE here!

Im a new user to this forum too. Although my ADHD isn’t as severe as it could be, I struggle deeply with self esteem and fitting in with others. I have a really hard time organizing my priorities. When I have a list, I cant decide where to start. That is my biggest frustration. I have developed patterns and habits that help me cope and I keep working on different methods until something works.
I would like to suggest, first of all, that you try each of the suggestions on the comments above. You are worth every moment you put into yourself.
For me, I make sure I eat enough protein every day and I take supplements. For me, protein is like a miracle. This gives me way better focus for the tasks I need to tackle.
But I think my most important thing is to look in the mirror and tell myself I am wonderful, fun, smart, and capable. And I say it until i believe it. Because I am. The world around me and my family don’t decide this, I do. I was created different from them and that is good.
Also, I carefully plan strategies for the parts of my life that I cant cope with. Every day I make a list as things come to mind. Then I pick one thing and pretend the other things dont exist until its done. I have been mocked for this and I was called stupid as a young child although my IQ is high. Their loss, right?
A menu? I would simply give myself a break and order the first thing my finger falls on, sort of like a game of pin the tail on the donkey, or I would ask my partner to read one of the sections to me. Or I would play a game of “you choose my meal and it will be a surprise” because there are so many things you CAN do, don’t sweat the things you cant.
Building furniture? There are lots of fun ways to make that happen.
For your own sake, LOVE LOVE LOVE yourself. you have made great progress in many areas, don’t worry about the rest until it is time to. When I begin to struggle, I ask myself, “If i was watching my best friend go through this dilemma, what would i advise them?” Then I do it.
Now if you can help me organize my day, bless you. If not, I’m gonna love myself anyway. Good luck!
Love J