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I so relate to your post, ADVentures. I’ve been thinking about the same problem lately. Just the last few days I have ruined a meal because I missed an important step of a new recipe I had printed, I published something at work that I hadn’t sufficiently proof-read for errors, and I did not do an important task at work because I didn’t read all of an email. I tell myself that I need to start being more careful and print emails instead of glancing on my iWatch or iPhone. I need to spend a lot of time proof-reading before pressing the publish button. I need to go through each step of a recipe before starting out. I’m 69 years old, and I’m sorry to say, things only gotten worse for me through the years. I’m retired (have a part-time job 8 hours a week), and really have all the time in the world! Why do I still put pressure on myself to get things done as quickly as possible?

Here’s something that has helped me read and retain more complicated reading material–

When I have an electronic version of something that I’m having trouble reading, (e.g. a manual, Kindle book, article on this website) I will copy/paste the text into a Word document or OneNote. I then organize the text as I read it into an outline format by using bullets. I break each paragraph or each sentence into indented bullets. Reading is so much easier in this format, and I can also retain and understand the information or instructions much better this way.

If I’m reading a paper version of something I need or want to understand, I sometimes type a synopsis in bullet format in Word or OneNote. The act of typing it out helps me to retain the information.

When reading something on the PC or laptop that is stretched out over the large screen, I reduce the width so I’m just seeing short sentences. That is easier for me to read.

Thanks for starting this conversation.